Jordan Reynolds Male Voice Actor and Audio Producer

Los Angeles Voiceover Talent

Jordan Reynolds - Los Angeles ISDN Male Voice Over Talent

Jordan's voice is based in Los Angeles, California but has been heard all over the world. Voicing internationally known companies such as AT&T, BMW, Sprite, and Cisco - to voice dubbing celebrities - to screaming as various video game characters - to guiding thousands of customers on hold - to explaining hundreds of new startup businesses products online.

His voice encompasses a broad spectrum from cool and conversational to a diverse body of engaging characters.

Jordan produces voice over demos for some of the top voice actors today:

He’s a frequent speaker on the topic of Demos, Audio, and Voiceover at some of the largest voiceover conferences in the industry. Including, VO AtlantaWoVOConFaffcamp, and more.

He also played a key role in designing the Roswell Pro Audio RA-VO microphone: A high quality microphone made specifically for voiceover.

    Voice matching
    Casual, cool, conversational reads
    Advanced improvisation skills and ad-libbing
    4 octave vocal range



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The Groundlings - Los Angeles

Graduate - Bovine Metropolis Improv Acting School

The Yes! Lab Improv Acting School


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Agency representation in all major markets across the nation.

Accredited Professional World Voices member.